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Winner of numerous awards including an acclaimed Tony-winning run on Broadway, “Indecent” by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel, is the true story of a groundbreaking scandalous play and the courageous artists who risked their careers and lives to perform it. 


After a rapturous reception in Europe, Sholem Asch's drama, "God of Vengeance" debuted on Broadway in 1923 at a time when waves of immigrants were changing the face of America. This revolutionary love story, that celebrated Yiddish language and unconventional passion, was forced from the stage by a fearful and reactionary public. Its fate, and that of the actors who cherished it even as they confronted the horrors of the Nazi onslaught, are the subject of “Indecent.”

Seven actors and three musicians play a myriad of roles across continents and decades. This collage of riveting theater, glorious music, exuberant dance and poetry is a heart-stirring affirmation of the transformative impact of love and art in an era of chaos that seems timelier than ever before.

“Terrific! A powerful new play.” – Ben Brantley The New York Times

“…marvelous…the kind of insight and emotional depth that comes from theater at its most poetic." - Roma Tore NY1

“Has there ever been anything quite like “Indecent,” a play that touches — I mean deeply touches — so much rich emotion about history and the theater, anti-Semitism, homophobia, censorship, world wars, red-baiting and, oh, yes, joyful human passion?  It’s a gripping and entertaining show with laughter and tears and a real rainstorm in which two women re-enact what, in 1921, had been the first lesbian kiss on an American stage.”- Linda Winer Newsday

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Friday, June 21, 2019
Panel: Art Is Dangerous
Speakers: Director of Indecent Joanne Gordon and Indecent actors

The God of Vengeance actors came to America seeking success, but were faced with anti-Semitism, misogyny, homophobia and censorship. How do artists make their way in 2019? The director and actors discuss how art allows them to express themselves in an oppressive political climate. How does art matter to you?

Sunday, June 23, 2019
Speakers: Member of the ACLU and Director Joanne Gordon

That quote is by Justice Potter Stewart who famously assured us that he knew what was meant by Indecent! Where was the ACLU in 1923? What does indecent mean to you? Who in a society has the power to decide its standard? What happens when you censor work that is telling the truth? What happens when the artist's voice and vision are silenced? Can theatre companies maintain their financial well-being choosing a season solely based on aesthetic merit?

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Panel: Can You Yiddish?
Speaker: Menachem Szus, Yiddish dialect coach for Indecent

The disappearance of Yiddish as a language and culture is one of the overriding themes in Indecent. The Yiddish Theatre was once one of the world's most vibrant ethnic theatres, from plays about immigrant Jewish life, to Yiddish-language versions of Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekov, and currently an all Yiddish Fiddler on the Roof at National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene in New York City! What happens to a culture when its language, religion and art are erased?

Sunday, June 30, 2019
Panel: Who belongs in America? And to whom does America belong?
Speaker: Anna Crosslin, CEO & President at International Institute of St. Louis and surprise panelist!

Anna Crosslin is committed to ensuring St. Louis is a welcoming community for all who live, immigrate, and migrate here. What are the effects of the "demonization of others," both historically and in the current political environment? What positives do migrants bring to a culture? How do we avoid repeating history?

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June 20, 2019 at 7:30pm
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