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The Confluence Regional Writers Project is a new program from Shakespeare Festival St. Louis. The goal is to further foster a regional culture of playwriting by providing support to emerging playwrights in St. Louis and its radiating regions through a Playwriting Fellowship, an Emerging Playwrights Cohort, and new plays commissioned and developed by the Festival.


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$10.00 - Single show GA $3.00 $13.00
$5.00 - Single show Student $3.00 $8.00
$30.00 - 4 Show Package $4.50 $34.50 per package


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Phone/Internet: 3 hours prior to show
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The Kranzberg Arts Center box office opens 1 hour prior to show.

Nov. 20 - "A Story Blinked" by Carter W. Lewis

A relatively irresponsible re-contextualization of H.G. Well’s The Country of the Blind.

In final moments of H.G. Well’s delightful story, The Country of the Blind, the central character of Nunez abandons love, walks off into the mountains, and dies. But in the present day, Nunez is no longer willing to be the cooperative character of bygone years. Each night, he annoys his fellow characters toward action and demands a chance to alter his fate. This fiercely funny journey asks the question: Can any of us really change who we are, or are we eternally doomed to trudge-on in the manner that we’ve already lived?

Nov. 21 - "Suffer the Children" by Mariah L. Richardson

The school is on lock-down and surrounded by SWAT police. What does it all mean? Will Lupe be deported to Mexico? Is there an armed gunman running loose in the halls? What information is Stanley withholding? A follow-up play of Delilah’s Wish, this dramatic piece looks at the topical issues of race, white supremacy, gun violence, and immigration. Suffer the Children approaches these issues from real fears that children and many others in our society face, today.

Nov. 22 - "And Certain Women" by Shualee Cook

Yohannah. Shoshannah. Blink, and you’ll miss their names, but they’re there. Listed among those traveling with Jesus through Galilee in the Gospel of Luke, “and certain women… who provided for Him out of their resources.” In the background of all his teachings and miracles, YoYoh and Shosh are there with their more famous compatriot Mags – running crowd control, scouting for good sermon locations, picking up after a particularly messy Passover dinner, and all the while wondering where the meteoric rise of this prophet they’ve grown to love is going, and what say, if any, they get to have in where it ends up.

Nov. 23 - "Tidy: A Play About Mass Extinction" by Kristin Idaszak

A struggling detective novelist recently read a self-help book about how to be happy. Actually, it’s about how to tidy. As she cleans her house, the novelist excavates her own personal history and the history of the planet. But as she discovers troubling gaps in her memory, a series of clues lead her closer to an answer she may not want to find. Tidy: a play about mass extinction examines the holes in our lives that we try to fill through consumption, and how we decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Who and what will survive the sixth mass extinction? And will it spark joy?  

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Kranzberg Arts Center

501 North Grand Boulevard , Saint Louis, Missouri 63103