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-Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson/Rolling Stone

April 21, 2016 will live in infamy as the day we lost a genius, an icon, a legend. Prince is widely regarded as one of the best musicians ever to live, and one of the greatest showmen of all time. His music makes up the soundtracks of our lives- from the parties of our youth to our weddings; and we share his music with our children who repeat the cycle. Great music lives on forever, and, it’s with this in mind that we introduce “4U: A Symphonic Celebration of Prince.”

The first and only estate-approved Prince celebration, 4U will present the music of Prince like never before, with a full symphony orchestra. Throughout the course of the evening Prince’s extensive musical catalog will be represented, we’ll hear his greatest hits as well as some of his lesser known gems in this musical celebration. Questlove, an avid Prince fan, has helped curate the music and arrangements.

My concept for Prince’s 4U presentation is pretty simple: a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Picking fan favorites, picking hits, picking b-sides, picking movie score references. picking obscure deep cut references.....and yes Purple Rain.

Picking Brent Fisher, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, DD Jackson & Anthony Tidd were no brainers for me. Tidd & Jackson have been longtime collaborators with the Roots organization. Ferguson’s orchestral interpretation of JDillla’s music made me an instant fan of his arrangements. Of course it goes without saying that Prince’s music would not be what it is without the colors of Clare Fischer’s arrangement. Enter his son Brent who not not only assisted in the arrangements of the original scores but played on the actual albums.

Because of his untimely transition: fans and supporters are trying to find solace and comfort in celebrating his music and creations. So I wanted to give them an environment to reminisce, dance, smile, cry, & sing to Prince.


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Show FAQ

What is the show?
4U-A Symphonic Celebration of Prince celebrates the music of Prince like never before, with a full symphony orchestra.  Prince’s extensive musical catalog will be represented with his greatest hits and hidden gems in this musical celebration.
Is there a band?
Yes, there is an all-star band featuring some of the best musicians and vocalists in the world who will perform alongside the orchestra. This show is not “impersonating” Prince, but is instead “celebrating” Prince.
Is Questlove in the show?
Questlove is not in the show, but he has helped curate the symphony charts for the show.  Given his affinity for Prince and knowledge of his music, Questlove has created some amazing arrangements of these songs that will honor and celebrate the musical genius that was Prince.
What is in the show?
4U-A Symphonic Celebration of Prince will focus on the music as well as incorporate state-of-the-art production and video provided by the Prince Estate.
What does “official” mean?
4U A Symphonic Celebration of Prince is officially endorsed by the Prince Estate.  This is the only approved Prince symphonic show in the world.

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Everyone must have a ticket, regardless of age.
Prices are subject to change.

Print-Your-Own tickets will not be delivered until 3 days after the general on-sale date.

Orchestra Pit $125.00 $21.25 $146.25
Premium Orchestra $85.00 $14.50 $99.50
Front Orchestra $85.00 $14.50 $99.50
Center Mezzanine $85.00 $14.50 $99.50
Mid Orchestra I $65.00 $11.00 $76.00
Side Mezzanine $65.00 $11.00 $76.00
Lower Balcony $65.00 $11.00 $76.00
Mid Orchestra II $45.00 $7.50 $52.50
Rear/Side Orchestra $45.00 $7.50 $52.50
Middle Balcony $45.00 $7.50 $52.50
Orchestra Corners $35.00 $6.00 $41.00
Upper Balcony $35.00 $6.00 $41.00

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Fabulous Fox Theatre

527 North Grand Boulevard , Saint Louis, Missouri 63103



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