Mustard Seed Theatre at Fontbonne University

6800 Wydown Boulevard , Clayton, Missouri 63105

Parking for the theatre is located off the lot located off Big Bend, just South of Wydown. The theatre is located on the 2nd floor of the southern-most building that has a glass front and a waffle-style roof.

This venue is ADA accessible.  Parking is right in front of the theatre, and there is an elevator to the second floor.

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Address & Map


6800 Wydown Boulevard
Clayton, Missouri 63105

Hearing Loop

‚ÄčMustard Seed Theatre to be first Theatre in St. Louis to introduce Hearing Loop Technology

Fontbonne University’s Theatre, home of Mustard Seed Theatre, will be the first in St. Louis to offer Hearing Loop Technology. The assistive listening technology will allow patrons with varying audio deficiencies to better hear the productions. Generously sponsored by the Fontbonne Community Connection and Loop the Lou, Mustard Seed and Fontbonne can continue to uphold their missions by making theatre more accessible to everyone in our community.

The system provides a RF (Radio Frequency) System from an individually worn neckloop. There are varying connectivity options, meaning that anyone can use the system:

- Patrons who have a hearing assistance device equipped with a t-coil can connect the neckloop lanyard into the receiver and engage their t-coil for wireless reception from the neckloop. 
- Those that do not have a t-coil in their hearing aid or do not wear any hearing devices can use the neckloop lanyard with headphones (provided by the theatre).

It is suggested that users who think they have a t-coil in their hearing aid speak to their hearing care professional to double check their model does in fact have the t-coil and that it has been activated. (There are some hearing aids that don't have a t-coil. Those that do may need to have their hearing care professional activate that mode).

Mustard Seed Theatre currently has equipment for 6 patrons per performance. To ensure that you can utilize this equipment for a specific performance, please contact Mustard Seed directly by emailing [email protected].

For more information, visit the Mustard Seed Theatre website.